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#SCISPudong | PAFA Presents Welcome to the Jungle Bingo Night

Written by Sanna K., PAFA Communications Coordinator at SCIS Pudong


Led by the SCIS Pudong Parents and Friends Association (PAFA), the community had its first Bingo Night filled with hundreds of pens, thousands of Bingo slips, raffle tickets, over 200 guests, and unlimited joy! Winners were screaming, jumping, laughing, and running. 

Finally, our Pudong community was back on campus and celebrating the unity of Green Dragons. A huge thank you to the devoted group of volunteers for decorating and working endlessly during the whole week to turn the cafeteria into a jungle fever! Welcome to the jungle.

The event couldn't lead without the powerful MC duo of Mr. S, the Lower School PHE teacher, and Ms. Vicky, the Lower School Secretary. Tarzan and Jane of the Jungle went beyond people's expectations.

And what's an event with no people? As a sold-out event of over 200 guests, it was a night to remember and definitely one for the books from everyone's fierce fashion to the non-stop dancing of the classics. 


A huge shoutout (again) to PAFA and the parent volunteers who worked over and beyond before, during, and after Bingo Night. One can never count the hours of work that these events need. 

And a warm round of applause to our Raffle Draw MCs - Sanna Banana and Tony, for your Dragon spirit and being YOU! 

Lastly, thank you to those who donated prizes and gift baskets for our raffle draw. Bingo Night wouldn't be the same without some memorabilia to take home.

PAFA leads these community events for families to meet and make connections, and spend time together outside school hours to create great memories. Staff, teachers, and admin are always welcome to join these community events, hoping to get to know each other in a more relaxed environment. 

We, SCIS Pudong PAFA, would like to thank our community for your unlimited amount of admiration, glory, and fame! Stay tuned for our upcoming event on May 13th - the Summer Carnival


SCIS. One World Family.

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