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Sports Spotlight | Swimming Together, Staying Together

Written by Cheryl Philp, Aquatics Director at SCIS Hongqiao 

The SCIS Hongqiao Swimming Team started our season in September, and the Aquatics Coaching Team has been delighted with each team's achievements each week.  

John Leonard, USA Swimming Chairperson, explains the process of being on a team as a privilege and honor. For a team to succeed, each individual should recognize their part in the team and positively contribute. A team can lift individual performance from good to great, and no individual can create an environment for excellence single-handedly. It takes a team. 

Swimming on the surface level may appear to be an individual sport. However, every swimmer knows they need their teammates cheering for them for the extra motivation to push themselves in a race or to keep going during a challenging set at practice. 

One of the goals of our entire team is to build independence by helping to create accountability for the goals set by each individual. As accountability to their goals becomes an unconscious habit, student-athletes excel not only in the pool but also in academics and other SCIS sports and continue to make good decisions. 

Here we would like to introduce our 2022-2023 swimming teams, who are working exceptionally well together. 

 Rainbow Team led by Coach Seven Qi

Orange Team led by Coach Carsen Shen 

Pink Team led by Coach Seven Qi and Carson Shen 

Pink Team led by Coach Seven Qi and Carsen Shen

Red Team led by Coach Ryan Wang

Blue Team led by Coach Ryan Wang 

White Team DII led by Coach Cheryl Philp

White Team DI led by Coach Cheryl Philp 


Staying Together. SCIS.

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