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Inspiring Student Author Donates 100% of Book Proceeds to Charity

Students at Shanghai Community International School continue to do amazing things! Our Grade three student, Fairy, is no exception. The driven lower school student has always wanted to become an author, writing her own stories to inspire other children. Now, her journey is well on its way as she has published her first-ever book, My First Encyclopedia of Stories

Along with the time and hard work dedicated to creating this book, Fairy selflessly donated all her proceeds, totaling 6,345 RMB, to Heart-to-Heart Shanghai so that children with congenital heart disease can get the corrective surgeries they need. This book has been an inspiration in more ways than one. To learn more about this experience let us hear from the author herself!

What is your book about?

This book has three parts! My Little Adventures, Pokemon diaries, and Poetry.


Why did you want to create a book of stories?

I like to write. I want to be an author and want more people to see my stories. The more the better!


What was your main goal in writing this book?

I wanted people to read my book and wanted to make more kids that read this book want to write stories of their own. My other goal was also to earn some money and donate it to Heart to Heart so I can save more kids that have heart problems.

Did you have a favorite part when it came to creating this book?

My favorite part was sitting down to write the stories because when I thought of writing a book that most people will read, I was very excited.


How many books were you able to sell in total?

We sold 231 books and we donated all the money we earned to Heart to Heart.

How would you describe your writing style and where do you draw inspiration from?

I usually like to read storybooks, especially stories about adventures, and I like Anne Frank. I hope to publish a book like "The Diary of a Young Girl” that will circulate for a hundred years. I have been keeping a diary from February 1, 2020,until now, so many of the stories I write are in diary style.

I have a lot of plush toys. They are the protagonist of my story. I also like Pokémon very much. I also create my own Pokémon! Every day in my free time I like to draw them and create stories for them.

Are you planning on writing more books in the future?

Yes, I plan to write a book every year so that more people can read my work and use the money I earned to help more people.

That’s fantastic! Is there anything else you would like to share about getting your book published?

Lots of people wanted me to sign the book. I signed tons of books for them! And personally packaged some. A lot of parents sent photos of them receiving the book. Seeing so many kids liking my book made me very happy. Some kids received the book and went straight to writing and drawing!

Thank you, Fairy, for inspiring all of us to tap into our creative side and give back to others. We cannot wait to read your next book!

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To learn more about Heart to Heart, visit their website: www.h2hsh.com 

Heart to Heart Shanghai is a community organization that provides support and financial assistance to Chinese children with congenital heart defects that require surgery. The organization contributes 30,000 RMB towards each surgery that they sponsor. In comparison to the cost of similar operations in many other countries, this amount is very modest, however, the families that qualify for Heart to Heart assistance earn between 3,000- 20,000 RMB annually (combined family income).

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