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Student Spotlight | Becoming Global Citizens

A primary aim of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme is “to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.”


More about international mindedness (IM) can be found here in a previous post. As a full IB continuum school, student engagement at SCIS with the three pillars of IM can be further explored through Action, Service as Action (SAA), and Creativity/Action/Service (CAS).   


Stay tuned, as we spotlight the development of skills and knowledge associated with global citizenship among our student body each month.   


Youngseo (Joy) & Soeun (CAS) 

Youngseo (Joy) and Soeun recently decided on a shared CAS project. “One part of our identity is our nationality. But when we are living in another country, students might find it a challenge to follow and keep up to date with current national events, trends, economic issues, and more. We want to establish a lasting, online, student-friendly magazine to inform our Korean community about these things”.

Watch the video to learn more about their plans and where you can gain access!  


Joyce (CAS)

CAS is an excellent way to explore future ambitions. Joyce is a Diploma Programme (DP) Year 2 student with a growing portfolio of various experiences. She has a passion for mental health, through active participation and planning of an ASA. Additionally, Joyce has shared service-related experiences with younger students, during preparation for the PYP Exhibition.


Take a moment to watch as she reflects on the connections between CAS, being a balanced DP student, and career prospects.


​ECE & Upper School Design Collaboration 

With the guidance of teachers Hayley Tollitt and Jonny Alexander, Grade 10 Design students have embarked on a journey related to the Power of Play.

The upper schoolers investigated several resources on early childhood development, along with using their powers of observation with some first-hand experience on our Early Childhood Education (ECE) campus!

As stated by the Design team, "Grade 10 visits Kindergarteners in their learning environment for their inquiry and analysis stage of the design process, then the Kindergarteners visit the HQ Design department during the prototyping and manufacturing stages. During these worthwhile visits, all students genuinely get immersive experiences in the field of user-centered design, commercial production processes, and Dragon spirit!"

Thank you so much to the Kindergarten team at the ECE for also coordinating this valuable learning experience!  We will keep everyone updated on this project, as well as others, that illustrate the cross-divisional inspiration in our Community of Learners.  

 SCIS. Service Learning.

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