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Student Spotlight | One Journey, One Voice, One Community

Written by Haakon Gould, Service Learning Coach 1-12 & DP CAS Coordinator

An Introduction to CAS

Grade 11 students kicked off their CAS Journeys by expanding on a planned experience and linking it to a “Golf Ball Activity” and their “Clifton Strengths” results. Learn more by watching the video below.  


Community Voices: Naming & Belonging

During Advisory, students across the MYP (Grades 6 – 10) took part in a project that centered on exploring identity – especially in the context of naming and belonging. Students and teachers alike have shared how this community-building piece has unlimited potential!  


One Voice

SCIS student leadership with regard to international mindedness was on display once again at the One Voice Summit. This year's themes were Social Justice & Food Sustainability. Let's hear how the conference went:  

"For me, as a DP student, CAS is not only a school requirement, but also an opportunity to test my abilities, and to learn why and how to contribute to the community. This One Voice Summit gave me a platform to share my thoughts and communicate, and learn from others, on the topic of social justice and sustainability with students from different schools, cities, and countries" - Dawen S.  

"I really enjoyed this year’s One Voice Summit. Since it was my first time joining this summit, I was a little nervous about talking to new people about my ideas and perspectives on a topic. However, surprisingly, all participants in my lightbulb session responded to my ideas with enthusiasm." - Jane S.  

"Although I was personally already passionate about social justice, hearing Kimberley Motley's experiences further incentivized me to learn about and hopefully take action for social injustice around the world. In terms of action, this summit encouraged me to acknowledge the importance of small actions leading up to a larger initiative." - Suhani C. 

"I was particularly interested in hearing what social issues other people valued and the subsequent actions of the keynotes - and what they've taken or have researched. It's inspiring to hear about the passionate people who are willing to make a change within their communities" - Kenza El. M 

"I learned a lot about food sustainability on Saturday. It was especially eye-opening to see the extent to which food can be unsustainable through the keynote speakers. The day’s activities made me want to rethink my food choices in a lot of ways." - Noemie Ng.  

"I love how passionate and eager all the participants are about the global issues of social justice and food sustainability. The spirit and energy flowing through the One Voice event are unique and valuable to students looking to create change in the world. This is my third year participating in the event, and it definitely won't be my last!" - Pinkgua M.  




Agency & Inquiry in the PYP

The primary years are full of discovery and seemingly boundless curiosity. Grade 5 students have been studying body systems, along with relevant concepts such as function. Rushing home to create a multilingual bone dictionary is just one example of their passion for learning. There is a clear desire to inform others! 

How might this ultimately translate to action and community engagement on a larger scale?  Stay tuned for details on a schoolwide initiative around health & well-being.   

Additionally, action geared towards service isn’t about...The most. The grandest. It’s about noticing. A few lower school students noticed a need to remind others how to respect and care for the trees and other natural surroundings in the playground. “I didn’t want the trees to get hurt. I wanted to show the other kids how important trees are.” 

Agency. These building blocks of skills, combined with initiative, empower our future change-makers!  


Shanghai Family Magazine: Get Involved!

​Students across the PYP, MYP, and DP are encouraged to practice active citizenship by participating in a local competition. Certain students may already know about this due to curricular connections. Check out the details on the Padlet and submit YOURS today! 

 SCIS. Service Learning.

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