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Sharing our Creative Art for the World to See at the Louvre

An artist in the making, lower school student Cathy Lu, recently entered the "We Are the World" International Children's Art Exhibition, held at the famous Louvre Museum in Paris.

With the support of the United Nations educational, scientific, and cultural organization (UNESCO) and the Louvre Museum, the exhibition serves as an international art exchange platform for children who love art from all over the world.

With only one day's notice, Cathy used her imagination, creativity, and unique artistic talent to create a beautiful drawing by deadline day. Not only was her art chosen, but she was awarded the "Talent Star" honor for her work.


Congratulations on your art being chosen, how did you first hear about the art exhibition?

Thank you! Well, I first heard about the art exhibition from my mum, who found out about it from my art teacher. After learning about it, I was quickly encouraged to participate.


Why was it important for you to participate?

As an artist, the Louvre museum is a dream place. I’ve always wanted to have a painting hung on one of their walls and I was lucky that this happened. Unfortunately, because of Covid, I was unable to attend the exhibition, but I would love to go visit the Louvre and Paris one day.


What were some of the requirements to participate?

Some of the requirements were about the size and the theme. The theme for this year’s competition was “We are the world”. We were asked to express how we see the world through our eyes. To me, the world is a beautiful and colorful place, and we have to do our best to keep it that way.

Above: Cathy's "We Are the World" Art Submission

Why did you choose to submit a drawing?

I only found out about the competition one day before the submission deadline, so I had to be quick! While I am comfortable with many types of art, I do prefer watercolor paintings. But, in the end, I chose to submit a drawing because of the limited time I had.

Where did the inspiration come from for your art piece?

I started by looking at different pictures online using my iPad for inspiration, then used my imagination to combine different ideas together. I decided to draw a piano as the world is full of music and it creates positive energy. The birds and notes coming out of it represent the good things that the world has to offer.


Do you like expressing yourself through art?

Yes, very much so. The girl playing the piano in my drawing is me! I also love storytelling such as writing fairytales. My favorite class at SCIS is literacy.

Is there anyone, in particular, you would like to thank for the opportunity to participate in this exhibition?

My mum and dad. They've always encouraged me to participate in everything that I like and have always supported me with everything.

Congratulations again Cathy!

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