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United in Peace for a Better World

September 21st marked the 40th celebration of The United Nations International Day of Peace (UNIDOP). Designated as a day of peace in 1981 by The United Nations General Assembly, the day is now a period of non-violence and cease-fire. It is one universal day where people from all ages, nationalities, and cultures come together for the unified purpose of peace. This year's theme, as healing continues from the Covid-19 pandemic, is “recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world.” Our community came together across campuses to celebrate, build awareness, work toward the goal of a culture of peace.  

On this special day, SCIS students were encouraged to come into school wearing clothes representative of their home country or countries. With over 60 nationalities represented within our community, school hallways were filled with vivid and colorful traditional dresses proudly worn by our international students.  

Parades of national flags, informational speeches, performances, singing, and a spirit of excitement and determination filled our campuses as each celebrated and brought awareness for the need of peace. Throughout the day, there was not only visible evidence of a culturally diverse student body but an indescribable sense of international mindedness that makes learning so special at SCIS.  


SCIS. Truly International.

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