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Where in the World is Our Faculty From?

Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) is an innovative and educational environment. It is a place where our faculty members are dedicated to the development, growth, and success of each student.  

Our faculty across the Hongqiao and Pudong campuses are highly qualified, experienced, and with an enthusiasm about being a member of our vibrant and diverse community.  

Today, the SCIS faculty is a global community of 177+ educators who represent 25 nations with an average experience of 14 years working in an educational setting.  

Our top qualified faculty, along with their international mindedness, has the capabilities to unlock the unique potential of every student of becoming truly international human beings.  

We are thrilled with the wealth of knowledge, experience, energy, and innovation they bring and cannot wait to see what they will do for our students! 

More than a school, SCIS is a diverse network of people from all walks of life, where cultural differences are celebrated and inspire one another to become global citizens. 

Here is to a great year ahead. 

SCIS. World Class Faculty. 

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