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Why Back-to-School Night Sets Our Students Up for Success

After having a virtual Back-to-School Night last year, we were extremely excited to be able to welcome parents back on campus this year. Back-to-School Night at SCIS helps foster and build the school-home relationship between teachers and parents. It is important for us to partner with parents so that we can holistically meet each student’s needs. During this night we strive to provide the perfect space to begin necessary discussions and relationship building so that students can thrive in school and at home.

Not only is Back-to-School Night the perfect time for our parents to learn more about SCIS but it is the first step in being involved in their child’s education. When we promote parent involvement there are major benefits to our student’s long-term success. Parents who help bridge the gap between school and home often have children who achieve higher standardized test scores, consistent school attendance, higher self-esteem, more self-discipline, and greater levels of motivation.

Parent in design class at SCIS Hongqiao for Back to School night

During this event, parents were able to meet their child’s teachers and see what school may be like from their child’s perspective. They enjoyed their time seeing their child’s classrooms and experiencing firsthand what a school day may look like for their child as they walk through the halls.


Building the Home-School Connection

It was a great time for parents to learn about volunteer opportunities, our curriculum, and various school programs. In addition, it was also an excellent opportunity to be able to get to know other parents and make connections within the SCIS community.

Thank you to all our parents who helped to follow and implement safety procedures to ensure a successful Back-to-School Night. We sincerely hope that you found it helpful and informative and that you feel knowledgeable about what your child will be learning, developing, and exploring throughout the school year.

Parent in design class at SCIS Pudong for Back to School night
ECE Parents at our Back to School Night

Our parents are our greatest partners in ensuring student success. We know that this experience has brought us a step closer to ensuring that our students have the best possible learning experience.

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