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Health & Safety Protocols

Last updated Friday, September 9th 2022




Community Response


From the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, our highest priority has been the health and safety of every member of our community. We are committed to making SCIS a safe space to learn and to work for all Dragons. In order to do so, we have developed a detailed plan, which is outlined below, based on regulations provided to us by our related government authorities. We understand that keeping each individual healthy and safe requires constant vigilance by the entire community. This effort and our shared commitment to it is a positive reminder of how the C in SCIS is more important now than ever before. 

Throughout this web page, reference is made to fever and/or COVID-19 symptoms. In accordance with government regulations, a fever is a body temperature of 37.3 Celsius or above. 




Travel Guidelines


We consistently review the guidelines and mandates provided by our various governing authorities related to travel. School employees and students often have heightened levels of restrictions in place for travel outside of Shanghai. As such, we will update our SCIS Travel Guidelines via this site regularly to reflect the most recent changes. 

Significant changes will be communicated via ‘Community Update’ emails that will be sent from the office of the Director of Schools.

Travel Restrictions (as of September 6, 2022):

If you are truly unable to limit travel outside of Shanghai, please note the following requirements:  

  • Pre-Departure Requirements: SCIS will continue to uphold the requirement to collect information, prior to departure, for all students and employees who will travel outside of Shanghai. Prior to your departure from Shanghai, please provide all travel details via the SCIS Travel Form
  • Requirements Upon Re-entry to Shanghai:  SCIS will continue to require the daily submission of the Travel QR code, the Student Health Form, and temperature checks.  



Campus Entry


Entry Requirements: 
All SCIS employees, students, parents, approved guests and vendors entering an SCIS campus (or bus) must meet the following requirements: 

  • Present a green Covid-19 Nucleic Acid Test (NAT) result within the past 24 hours
  • Have a temperature of 37.2 or below 
  • Everyone is required to wear a mask upon gate entry and exit as well as at all times while on the school bus. 
    • Students and employees* should have a mask in their possession however it is not required to be worn once on campus. 
  • SCIS must maintain an accurate account of all individuals on campus, as such, faculty, staff, and visitors are required to check in and out with their ID or by signing a visitor form each day.
    • Student attendance will be completed and verified by 10:00 AM each school day 

*Operational staff, Cafeteria employees, Guards, Nurses, as well as all faculty and staff that work directly with students in Nursery to Kindergarten are required to wear a mask throughout the school day.   

September 1st (First day of On-Campus Learning) Campus Entry Guidelines:
Additional the following testing requirements are required for the two days before our first day of on-campus learning (September 1) : 

  • One NAT on August 30th must be taken after 8:00 AM, as it must be within 48 hours of entering a bus or school gate 

  • One NAT on August 31st must be taken after 8:00 AM, as it must be within 24 hours of entering a bus or school gate 

  • Additionally, a confirmed response to two mandatory surveys: 
    • Covid health history and student and household data survey. This survey is set to be sent on August 26th from admissions@scis-china.org.

Entry Requirements for On-Campus School Days:

Additional Requirements:



Testing Requirement


Daily On-Campus Covid Testing:

Every school day, SCIS will administer a Covid-19 test (NAT-PCR) for each student. These tests will be managed by our own staff, of which SCIS has over 75 fully trained in the process to ensure as smooth a process as possible. These tests will be similar to the testing stations across the city and will be swabs of the inner cheek (mouth), not the nose.  

  • The Daily on-campus tests (Monday through Friday) will ensure students meet the testing requirement for the next school day.  
  • In order to return to campus following a weekend, holiday, or absence a student must take a NAT off-campus within 24 hours of their return date.

Our intention is to administer the tests in the morning; however, we have also been informed that we may be required to test during a specific timeframe each day. As we control the number of testing and registration stations, we are confident that the entire campus (students, faculty, and staff) will be tested within one hour or less. SCIS is doing everything possible to ensure these tests will have minimal disruption to our student’s learning experience.



Campus/Facility Access




Temperature Checks


Students will have their temperature checked a minimum of two times a day. At any time during the day, if the student has a temperature of 37.3 Celsius or above, a member of the Health Team will accompany the student to the quarantine station.  

At the quarantine station, the nurse will:  

  • Allow the student to rest for a few minutes and then retake their temperature using a mercury thermometer under the arm.  
  • The student will be sent back to class if the second reading of the temperature is 37.2 or below. As with all visits to the clinic, the nurse will record this visit.  
  • Follow all regular medical assessment routines if the temperature is 37.3 or above.  
  • Call parents/guardians to pick up the student if the temperature is 37.3 or above. *  
  • Direct parents/guardians to take their child to the doctor for a follow-up assessment.  
*Parents/guardians should arrive as soon as possible to pick up their child. 



Illness at Home


Students and staff may not come to school if they have a temperature of 37. 3 or above.   

Do not send your child to school if: 

  • Your child’s temperature is 37.3 degrees Celsius or above. 
  • Your child has diarrhea. 
  • Your child has been vomiting. 

You are strongly encouraged to keep your child at home if: 

  • Your child has a runny nose. 
  • Your child is coughing. 
  • Your child does not appear to be feeling well. 

  If your child develops a fever, diarrhea or vomiting outside of school hours: 

  • Email the school clinic with symptoms: 
  • Inform the school to let them know your child will not be attending school. 
    • ECE/Lower School: Email the teacher and transportation. 
    • Upper School: Email the divisional secretary and transportation. 
  • Take your child to the doctor and secure a doctor's report with a diagnosis.



General Health & Hygiene


Many of the following health and hygiene habits represent best practices. Now, they are especially important as we work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Protective Clothing & Mask Requirements

  • Masks, gloves, protective clothing, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, hand-washing facilities will be provided at various locations around campus. 
    • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the campus. 
  • Everyone is required to wear a mask upon gate entry and exit as well as at all times while on the school bus.
    • Students and employees* should have a mask in their possession however it is not required to be worn once on campus. 
*Operational staff, Cafeteria employees, Guards, Nurses, as well as all faculty and staff that work directly with students in Nursery to Kindergarten are required to wear a mask throughout the school day.

Hand Washing

Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and as often as possible, but always:

  • When entering campus and between transitions.
  • After using the toilet.
  • Before and after eating.
  • After sneezing or coughing or using a tissue.
  • After contact with garbage or high exposure areas such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, or water dispensers.
  • Before leaving for school and as soon as you get home from school.

Students, faculty & staff are asked to pay attention to the following guidelines:

  • Do not share food or drinks.
  • Always have a personal water bottle that you clean thoroughly each day with soap and water.
  • Use disposable alcohol wipes to clean your cell phones and laptops.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow or a tissue if you need to cough or sneeze.
  • Tissues and masks should be disposed of properly. Masks should be disposed of in the medical waste bins.
  • No spitting within the school building or grounds.
  • As much as possible, practice physical distancing (1 meter between you and the people around you).



General Safety & Cleaning




Fork and Knife
Lunch & Snacks



Students and staff are not allowed to share food at snack or lunchtime. 

All students will be directed to wash their hands thoroughly prior to and after eating. 

Students are permitted to bring in individual commercially sealed and pre-packaged treats for approved celebrations (i.e., birthdays, holidays, etc.).  





Parents who are picking up their child must wait outside the gate at the designated areas. Parents are to maintain a one-meter distance and wear masks when waiting for students.