Early Child Education Campus

Our Shanghai Early Childhood Education (ECE) Campus in Hongqiao offers developmental appropriate curriculum from Nursery (two year olds) through grade one (six year olds). The program is designed to engage, challenge and empower the children and help them reach their full potential. The curriculum, experiences, and activities have been created with the “whole child” in mind, allowing flexibility to meet individual needs and stimulating learning in all developmental areas: social, physical, emotional, and intellectual. The experienced faculty and staff members provide developmentally appropriate and hands-on experiences in language arts, science, math, art, music, movement, and social-emotional development.

The ECE Campus was created specifically to provide opportunities for learning while also engaging and nurturing students. The classroom layouts allow for social interaction, independent choice activities and a variety of creative and visual activities. The facilities have been designed especially with the younger child in mind. These include spacious, resource-full classrooms, well-stocked libraries, integrated technology, developmentally appropriate outdoor play areas and gymnasiums which foster physical development in safe environments.

We are a vibrant international community where every student receives the individualized support and attention needed to succeed. We pride ourselves on having small student to teacher ratios, a nurturing and diverse environment, and a high-quality Mandarin as a second language program.

If you have not already taken the opportunity to visit our campus’ website at https://hq.scis-his.net/ece I suggest that you take this opportunity to view our daily school announcements and classroom pages.