SCIS does most of its hiring through:

We begin reviewing applications in October and will make appointments prior to the start of the recruiting fairs. We review expressions of interest which may be made via e-mail, and contact appropriate candidates via telephone or video conference.


Thank you for your interest in teaching at SCIS. Our school currently enrolls approximately 2500 students from over 60 different countries on three campuses (two in SCIS-Hongqiao and one in SCIS-Pudong). Our professional faculty numbers more than 270.

Minimum teaching requirements for SCIS include:

Valid teaching credential or equivalent in subject area from a government institution (four-year degrees required)
Three years full-time teaching experience in the grade level or subject area of our vacancy
Familiarity with best practices in education
Evidence of recent professional growth activities
Experience and commitment to co-curricular and after school activities
Experience working in a multi-cultural or international school setting
SCIS prefers not to hire individuals with non-teaching spouses, or families with children who have more than mild learning difficulties.

Teaching Positions Available

If you are interested in employment at SCIS, please send a cover letter of introduction, recent portrait photo and a complete resume to:

Mr. Daniel Eschtruth, Director of Schools

Shanghai Community International School
1161 Hongqiao Road
Shanghai, CHINA 200051

Please visit our website for a list of employment opportunities (only short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview)

Overseas Hired (OH) Staff Benefits for the 2014-15 School Year
✔ Salary – SCIS seeks teaching candidates with a minimum of 3 years full-time certified teaching experience. Entry-level salary offers for qualified classroom teachers range from US$34,000 to US$47,000 contingent upon relevant experience, degree status, and certification. SCIS will pay US$2500 at the end of the first year of service as a retirement savings. This will increase US$500 for each subsequent contract up to a maximum of US$4500. SCIS has a different starting salary package for prospective teachers with BA degrees but no teaching credential from their home country or less than 3 years of experience. Please note, SCIS only counts teaching credentials from traditional classroom or secondary programs. We do not credit ESL on-line or short-term course programs for our full teaching salary scale. All compensation is referenced in US Dollars but paid in Chinese RMB, based on the prevailing exchange rate at the time of payment.

✔ Currency Exchange Option – Teachers will be given the option to choose either to be paid at exact RMB/Dollar exchange rates when salary is paid, OR a “50/50” option that locks in the August 01 exchange rate for 50% of each monthly salary payments. This option increases salary security and the decision process is formally communicated prior to the start of the school year.

✔ Chinese Taxes – SCIS will pay on your behalf all PRC taxes accrued from your salary.

✔ Displacement Allowance – SCIS will pay a displacement allowance of US$1000 for each new teacher upon his/her arrival in Shanghai in August. (first year only)

✔ Shipping Allowance – SCIS offers a one-time shipping allowance for actual costs up to the maximum amount of US$1500 payable after presentation of applicable receipts. (reimbursable during first year only)

✔ Annual Travel Supplement – SCIS will provide each teacher with US$3000 for an annual travel supplement. Teachers are required to provide the school with the revenue portion of their air ticket and the boarding passes used for travel, but may keep any sum in excess of the US $3000 for the single ticket. An additional supplement is given for one dependent child per teacher (US$ 500 if under the age of 2 and US$ 1250 if age 2 year or older.

✔ Housing – Teachers hired on an overseas-hire status will be provided housing within reasonable proximity of the school for the first year of the initial contract. Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, all teachers in their second contractual year or more will have an annual housing allowance. Presently this is set at 110,000 SCIS-PD, 140,000 SCIS-HQ for singles and RMB 140,000 SCIS-PD, and 160,000 SCIS-HQ for couples, which has been very sufficient for staff to find suitable accommodations. Housing in Shanghai is ample and very comfortable.

✔ Allowance for Utilities – SCIS will pay, on your behalf, utilities expenses of up to US$1500 per year, or provide utilities of a commensurate value.

✔ Medical Insurance – Overseas-hire teachers receive major medical coverage. The insurance program does not include zone 1 (US and Canada) coverage, except for emergency or pre-approved care. However, the emergency care coverage is substantial and comprehensive. Our current provider is MSH

✔ Lunch – SCIS faculty are not charged for cafeteria lunch on school days.

✔ Recruitment Leave – Up to 4 paid recruitment leave days (extended with 1 personal leave day) may be taken by an overseas-hired teacher in his/her third or more year, with pre-arrangement and approval of the Administration.

✔ Savings – Single teachers can save up to 40-60% of their salary each year and still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle that includes travel. Couples without children may save an even higher portion.

✔ Professional Growth Allowance – All professional educators are eligible for up to US$500 individual professional growth allowance in their initial two years, and US$1000 for subsequent years. Additional funding and professional growth opportunities are provided for grade level team (lower school), subject area department (upper school), and campus/systemwide initiatives. Starting in November 2012, the SCIS On-site Interdisciplinary MEd program from the State University of New York (SUNY) has been active. Currently the third cohort is enrolled. SCIS has also partnered with Nova Southeastern University’s Fischler School of Education in providing a blended on-line Doctoral Degree in Education in Shanghai.

✔ Leaves of Absence – Personal Leave, Sick Leave, Compassionate Leave, and Professional Leave. Maternity Leave is available after the 2nd year of employment.

Professional Development Opportunities

Professional development support is available to staff members for a variety of programs ranging from attending the EARCOS teacher conference, for taking classes from accredited universities, to attending EARCOS weekend or AP workshops. At various times training professionals are also brought to campus for the purpose of enhancing teacher excellence.

Professional Growth Budget

The School will financially support a range of professional developmnent opportunities each year on the premise that most Professional Development will be an expense shared by the school and the teacher. The administration will publish guidelines on an annual basis to explain how teachers my access those opportunities equitably. All requests for professional development must be submitted in writing to the administration using an approved format. The school administration may identify priority support to meet specific school needs.