Teacher Testimonials

Schools with a culture of learning, collegiality,
and collaboration

“I came to Shanghai to work with SCIS’s collaborative and welcoming faculty. My fellow teachers challenge me to try new lessons related to their unique talents and interests.
This helps me to continually improve my teaching practice! I feel lucky to work in a
professional environment that cares deeply about inquiry, problem-solving and growth —
for both its students and its teachers.” – Christie YoungSmith, Grade 3 Teacher at SCIS Hongqiao Main Campus


Schools that nurture a unique community of learners.

SCIS is a community of learners. We all strive, students, teachers and parents, to be life-long learners. I chose this school for its vision, it is a school that values international education – the kind of education where inquiring minds who are knowledgeable and caring take action in their community. The opportunity to grow as an educator is second to none. Shanghai is a city full of energy, living and working here is a remarkable opportunity both professionally and socially.
​– Ricky Whitfield, Lower School Grade 3 Teacher at SCIS Hongqiao Campus


Schools with true diversity of nationalities
and cultures

“One of my favourite parts about working in the SCIS community is its commitment to nurturing an appreciation for cultures, languages, backgrounds, and talents. Our students come from all over the world, and each are encouraged to develop multiple languages while honouring and appreciating their native tongue. From nursery and preschool all the way through grade 12, students are provided with opportunities to develop appreciation for all the cultures that surround them and to explore interests/talents in the arts, sciences, athletics and more. Students and teachers join together in learning to appreciate the differences that both enrich us individually as well as create bonds within our community
at large.”  – Maria Burnham, Speech and Language Pathologist at SCIS Hongqiao
ECE Campus


Schools with supportive professional
development opportunity

“One of the most exciting aspects of working in education is having the opportunity to guide learners in designing and expressing effective solutions for authentic challenges. SCIS nurtures these opportunities, and I’ve grown as an educator thanks to its vision.” - Dominic St-Pierre, Upper School Teacher at Hongqiao Campus


Schools with a strong vision for learning

“I chose to teach at SCIS because of the truly international community that supports learning and growing in an inquiry-based environment. The school’s vision of international-mindedness is reflected in the many events held on campus and in the way that students and teachers interact with, and respect one another.” – Rebecca Macoskey, Lower School Music and Art Teacher at SCIS Pudong Campus