Getting Around, Children, Pets

Getting Around

Taxis are plentiful and comparatively cheap in both Hangzhou and Shanghai, although trips to distant parts of Shanghai or the airport can add up if taken frequently. Taxis can be hailed from the curb of most any street in Shanghai and in Hangzhou. They can also be ordered by telephone.


In Shanghai there is a relatively good underground subway system which provides access to the central portion of the metropolis. It is a fairly user-friendly system for English language speakers, and can be figured out with a little work. An extensive subway system is currently being built in Hangzhou, with initial lines already running as of fall 2012.


A comprehensive network of bus routes provides access to all areas of the city, in both Hangzhou and Shanghai though not so user friendly for English speakers. Buses are a very popular source of transport for local citizens, and are extremely crowded, and can be very uncomfortable.


One of the best ways to get around is by bicycle or scooter. Bicycles can be purchased for little expense, and provide a great way to see many parts of the city that would be missed through other means of transport. Hangzhou and Shanghai are virtually flat, so riding a bicycle does not require negotiating hills, however it does require negotiating dense vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


School-Age Dependants

For those with school-age dependents, please complete a student application (includes a checklist of the information needed such as school records, immunization records, letters of recommendation, etc). SCIS and HIS have limited services for children with special needs and cannot enroll children with severe allergies. Dependent children must be able to pass the enrollment requirements as set by the admission committee. Please contact as soon as possible for enrolling your child.



Although pets are becoming increasingly more common in China, bringing pets is not recommended. Prospective teachers should state their intention to bring a pet with them prior to signing a contract.  Teachers must recieve permission from the Superintendent of Schools prior to arrival.  All teachers on school provided housing must submit a damage liability form and will be held responsible for any damage including wear and tear caused by the pet.  A good resource for bringing pets to China can be found here: