Lower School

Building Creative Foundations

Our early childhood program encourages discovery, experimentation, creativity, and play for young children to become part of a social group. Academic learning happens through hands-on, exploratory activities
in formal and informal situations.

HIS strives to create a stimulating, nurturing classroom community, where everyone is respected and valued, and where learning becomes a natural part of socialization.

  • Children construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world in developmentally appropriate ways
  • Creative expression is fostered
  • Discovery and experimentation is encouraged

Play is an essential aspect of learning for young children. Our early childhood programs provide children with extended periods of free play on a daily basis. Free play encourages young children to communicate, exercise free choice, and gain confidence. Through interaction with peers and teachers, children learn acceptable ways to handle conflict, verbalize their own feelings, and accept the feelings of others. In a child-sensitive environment, children learn to be independent while building strong sense of self-esteem.


Grades 1 – 5 Expanding Horizons

Meeting the needs of diverse learners…

HIS provides a challenging and creative program that is based on an American framework but meets the standards of many Western countries. At HIS, our curriculum committee works to regularly incorporate the bet of the educational methodologies, curriculum, and materials from around the world. Our teachers make a difference in ensuring that HIS is meeting the national standards of Western countries (U.S., England, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand). Our staff inspires change and creates truly international learning environments for students.

At HIS, students are actively involved in their learning. Take a walk through the classrooms, and you will see students working both independently and in groups. It is important for children to have a high level of interaction with their peers and with their teachers. HIS inspires learning in nurturing, safe environments.