Staying Healthy

Staying healthy in China is mostly a case of taking common-sense precautions just as it is anywhere else in the world. However, these precautions may be a little different from those required in a temperate climate. To arrive healthy and stay healthy should be your goal. That being said, you will get sick from time to time. Most illnesses that our staff experience are easily treatable with over the counter medication. Western standard medical care is available in Shanghai from a few clinics. More serious illness or injury may require a trip to Hong Kong, where excellent medical care is available.



Overseas-hire teachers and some local hire teachers receive major medical coverage through the school’s medical service provider effective August 1st. Details of the coverage are available in the booklet each teacher will receive from the medical service provider in August.



A dental check-up is recommended before leaving home. There are a few good dentists in Shanghai, although these are expensive by developing nation standards. Orthodontic care is available in Shanghai.


Chinese Health Examination

New teachers are required, by the Chinese government, to undergo a basic medical examination after they arrive in Shanghai or Hangzhou. This examination is part of the processing for residence status. Teachers may have a physical examination in their home country prior to arrival in China, however in most cases, the local authorities will require them to complete the examination after arrival anyway.



There are no required immunizations for China. Advice from home country physicians will vary, but you should probably check on the status of your routine vaccination and obtain immunization against typhoid (there is now an oral vaccine), tetanus, and Hepatitis A and B. Your doctor may have other recommendations. 



If you require prescription medicines, you should bring a sufficient supply with you. Find out the generic name of the drugs in your medicine. China has a modern pharmaceutical industry, and most likely your prescription is available here, although it may have a different brand name. Prescription drugs arriving by mail can be assessed a heavy duty. Optical SCIS recommends that you have an eye examination before coming. If you require glasses, bring a spare pair and your prescription. Opticians and optical services are available here. Contact lens solution is also easily attainable in Shanghai and Hangzhou.