Community is far more than a word within our school's name; it is the cornerstone of our school.  Shanghai Community International School and Hangzhou International School are made up of a diverse group of students, parents, faculty, staff, board members and alumni.  Each member of this vibrant community is critical to the success and development of our school.


As a community we strive for the best of ourselves, of our students, and of our school.  Students come together each day eager to learn, grow, make friends and have fun.  Parents volunteer in classrooms, develop school wide events, and welcome new families both to our school and to Shanghai.  Teachers prepare rigorous plans, challenging lessons, and look for opportunities to acknowledge growth and provide positive reinforcement.  Administrators seek out ways to continuously challenge their talented teaching staff, encourage students, and communicate with parents frequently.  Our board promotes a drive toward success in all SCIS-HIS employees, seeks opportunities to improve our resources and programs, develops and communicates their vision for our school in a positive and open manner.  Our alumni, equipped with the best of educations, push forward into the world beyond the SCIS-HIS walls and achieve what their teachers hoped to develop, a lifetime appreciation and ability to learn.


As a community, we welcome all who seek a place to love learning, an opportunity to teach those who do, and a home for their family to grow and develop in an open, warm, international environment.