• Brian Sternberg
    Arizona State
    Physical Education
    Hongqiao Early Child Education Campus
    Hi! My name is Brian Sternberg and I’m really excited to join SCIS E.C.E. for a second year as your Physical Education Teacher! I’ve taught elementary school p.e. for the last 15 years in Tempe, Arizona U.S.A and have also coached middle school sports such as soccer, volleyball and basketball. I have a B.S. Degree from Arizona State University and I also attended University of Arizona. I played ice hockey at both schools and love to play many other sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. Traveling and trying new foods are some things I enjoy out of school and I’m sure Shanghai has many interesting and fun places to see and foods to try. I’m really looking forward to a fun year filled with challenges and experiences that will help students learn cognitively, physically and socially!