• Marella Gregory
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    Hongqiao Early Child Education Campus
    Marella Gregory comes to us from her Country of origin - the United States of America. Born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania, Marella moved to western PA for college where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She's spent most of her adult life as an educator in Richmond, Virginia where she taught, counseled, and earned a Master's Degree in Counseling Education from Virginia Commonwealth University and certification from Atlantic University as a Spiritual Guide and Mentor. She is a published author on the subject of Character Education for very young children and on Mindfulness in Education. Recently, she became certified as an International Teacher Trainer with the Center for Teacher Effectiveness. Marella and her husband, John of 26 years, raised two daughters, Alden and Kyra. While the Gregory family loves, owns, and foster a variety of dogs, Marella values her two-legged less hairy friends as well. They are more supportive (than the pups) of Marella's leaving the US to work at SCIS, where she is excited for the opportunity to experience a new culture, make new friends, and immerse herself in the role of Early Childhood Education Counselor in support of international education of which she has long been a fan. She is especially looking forward to finding pockets of nature tucked away in the exciting city of Shanghai.
  • Kevin Haggith
    University of Windsor, University of Toronto, Nipissing University
    Hongqiao Lower School
    I am pleased to begin my second year of leadership at SCIS. My personal learning journey began in Canada and has expanded with my family through Asia, the Middle East and many parts of Europe. My initial interests in photography and filmmaking led to a degree in communications followed later by studies in environmental science and economics. Eventually a career in teaching led to a degree in Education followed by a Masters in Administration and Leadership. My principal qualifications came through the Ontario Principal Counsel. During my 14 years in a classroom I taught mostly Grade 7 and 8 but I have experience in Grades 3 through 8. In the past I have been Learning Technology Coordinator in Hong Kong, and administrator in Canada and Kuwait. Coming back to China has been a wonderful experience for us with many more adventures yet to be had and more interesting people to meet.
  • Janette Haggith
    Wilfrid Laurier University
    Primary Years Programme Coordinator
    Hongqiao Lower School
    Hello! My name is Janette Haggith and I am the Primary Years Programme Coordinator for the ECE Campus and Lower School in Hongqiao. This is my third year in Shanghai and I look forward to another amazing year in our very dynamic international community school. I am honored to be a part of our school’s PYP journey that has recently led us to become a PYP authorized school. Working with staff and students to promote inquiry and student-centered learning is a big focus for me. I have a Master’s degree from SUNY, Buffalo, Bachelor degrees in Arts and Education and a Reading Specialist from Canada. It has always been my passion to work with children and I was a classroom teacher for many years, most of them in Ontario. I have also taught in Hong Kong and was a Literacy Coach and PYP Coordinator in Kuwait. SCIS has become an important part of my life and I look forward to my third year!
  • Helen He
    University of Birmingham, UK.
    Hongqiao Upper School
    Hi! My name is Helen He. I am excited to be returning for the 12th year at SCIS as an Upper School Mandarin teacher and Coordinator. I am a British national with Chinese origin and was educated both in China and the United Kingdom. My childhood dream was to become a teacher and I have enjoyed teaching for over 20 years. I graduated from Zhejiang Teachers' University over two decades ago majoring in English Language and subsequently obtained a Master's degree in Education (specializing in Foreign Languages in Education) from the University of Birmingham in England. I have taught both Mandarin and English as a foreign language to children (k to 12) and adults in China, England, Belgium and Switzerland. In the coming school year, I will continue to teach IB Chinese B course as well as MYP language acquisition courses. I love teaching the IB program, and I am also an IB DP workshop leader, IB examiner and school visit team member. I love our SCIS community and am glad that both my kids spent many years at SCIS. I have had wonderful 11 years at SCIS and look forward to another fantastic school year when my second child will graduate from High School.
  • Connie Hedderson
    Pudong Upper School
    Hello SCIS community! I am excited to be joining this community after teaching in the Middle East for many years. I call home a small town in Northwestern Ontario, Canada which has greatly influenced me to become an educator. I will be joining the Science Department teaching Chemistry and general science. I enjoy teaching science and watching the students discover new ideas within science. I’m looking forward to life in Shanghai and exploring all China has to offer. Outside of the classroom I enjoy playing and watching sports as well as going to the movies. I’m looking forward to a new and challenging year.
  • Meghan Hinds
    St. Catherine University
    Pudong Lower School
    Hello! I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. While I was pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Minnesota – Duluth, I was student teaching as a Kindergarten teacher in Northern Ireland. I fell in love with living abroad and getting to know the students and their families. That experience immediately sparked my interest in teaching internationally. Since then, I have completed my Master’s in Education from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, while teaching as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher in the largest public district in Minnesota. Outside of teaching, I like to experience the outdoors, read books about different places, travel anywhere I can, and meet new people along the way. I am excited and honored to be a part of the SCIS community! This is going to be a GREAT year!
  • Curtis Holland
    University of Windsor
    Hongqiao Upper School
    My name is Curtis Holland and I am teaching Upper School Drama at the Hongqiao Campus. This is my first year at SCIS; I was previously teaching in Kuwait and Tianjin. I’m from Windsor, Ontario, Canada and love to represent where I'm from. I attended the University of Windsor and achieved my Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Drama in Education and Community, then went on to my Bachelor of Education in teaching Drama and English for Grades 7-12. I love putting on shows (performing and directing), cooking, my animal babies, travelling, anything active, and of course, spreading my love of my art form in my daily job. I’m very excited to be back in China, and hope to develop our theatre program to new highs.
  • Christopher Howey
    Simon Fraser University & University of British Columbia
    Hongqiao Upper School
    Hello, my name is Chris Howey and I am excited to be joining SCIS as an MYP English Language & Literature teacher. I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada, where I studied English and Geography at Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada) and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours in Geography. I then completed my Bachelor of Education degree at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) within the English cohort. I have lived and worked in Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia and had the opportunity to travel the region extensively. I’m passionate about creative arts such as photography, architecture and theatre and am excited to help my students discover and foster their passions whether in Language and Literature or beyond.
  • Kelly Huang
    East China Normal University
    Hongqiao Upper School
    你们好 (Ni men hao)! My name is Kelly Huang and I am from Shanghai, China. I received my B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature from East China Normal University in 2004 and I was thrilled to complete my master’s in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at ECNU in 2011. I started teaching in 2004 and I have been a Mandarin teacher at SCIS for almost 9 years. My favorite course is the IB Language A literature class, but I also love to work with middle school students who are just starting to learn my native language! When I am not in class I enjoy baking, reading, and exploring Shanghai since it is always changing! I am looking forward to my 10th year here at SCIS since teaching and speaking with my students makes both of our lives more fun, more meaningful, and happier!
  • Tracy Huang
    State University of New York, Buffalo
    Mandarin Coordinator
    Hongqiao Lower School
    Hello! My name is Tracy Huang. I am from Shanghai China. I graduated from Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) and was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in elementary school education. My passion and interest in international school education led me to continue my study in State University of New York, Buffalo and was awarded a master degree in Master of Science. During my study, I also took the course of teaching English to Speakers of other Languages, teaching Mandarin to speakers of other countries and I was certified of Advanced TESOL, TCSOL and TCFL qualifications. I started my first IB teaching career in Shanghai World Foreign Language school PYP department as a homeroom teacher and team leader, teaching languages and the Unit of Inquiry for more than 6 years. During these years, I attended lots of workshops required by IB both domestic and overseas. I have joined SCIS since 2012. In this coming school year, I will continue to teach Mandarin in Lower School. I am very proud of being a member of SCIS, such a diverse and great family. I enjoyed every minute teaching young children in SCIS who are so smart, creative and energetic. I am looking forward to another great school year.
  • Tetsuo Ishii
    Goldsmiths, University of London
    Hongqiao Upper School
    Konnichiwa! My name is Tetsuo Ishii. I am originally from Hiroshima, Japan and I am very excited about teaching Spanish at SCIS. I am trained to teach Spanish, English and Japanese and I earned my MA in Applied Linguistics from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2004. Previously, I have taught students from kindergarten to university level and I spent most of my professional life in IB world schools working with the students of PYP, MYP and DP programs. Additionally, I have worked directly with IB as MYP Workshop Leader and DP Examiner helping the curriculum development of numerous IB schools around the world. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and my specialty is baking bread and cakes. I also like to prepare Japanese dishes such as Okonomiyaki, Tonkatsu, Tempura and Sushi. I am very keen to try new dishes, so if you enjoy cooking or eating in general, come talk to me!
  • Alastair Jackson
    University of Melbourne
    Hongqiao Upper School
    I am excited to begin my second year as a member of the SCIS community. Originally from Australia’s southernmost island Tasmania I consider myself fortunate to have taught Science and Mathematics in Australia, Sweden, Thailand and China. I completed my Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Teaching at the University of Melbourne and hope to soon complete my Master of Multidisciplinary Studies at SUNY. I have a great belief in the capacity and innate curiosity of developing learners and continue to be amazed at the innovative ideas and rich understandings that come from providing them with the time and space to pursue their own interests. I look forward to welcoming the Grade 6s into our Upper School community and share my love of science with our MYP students.
  • Sunny Ji
    Huadong University
    Hongqiao Lower School
    Ni Hao! My name is Sunny Ji. I graduated from Shanghai East China Normal University with a degree in Chinese Education for primary school children. I have been working in SCIS since 2011. Before I joined at SCIS, I taught Mandarin for nine years in a local school and for more than 10 years at another international schools in Shanghai. Personally, I love children and I love my job as a teacher. I believe I can bring all my teaching experience into the daily work and work hard to connect with my students. I am very pleased to work in such a great environment. Have a great year!
  • Tiffany Johnson
    University of Minnesota
    Grade Three
    Pudong Lower School
    Hello! My name is Tiffany Johnson and I am very excited to be teaching third grade at SCIS. My teaching experience in the primary grades spans two decades and three countries. I’ve taught in blustery Minnesota, tropical Indonesia, and now a happy medium in Shanghai. The timing of earning my Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction was perfect; a month prior to the birth of our first daughter, Isabelle. Sophie came along just a year later to make our family complete. My husband, Barry, is the Upper School Technology Coordinator. On the weekends, you can find the Johnson family exploring and photographing the sights, blogging, biking, reading, and enjoying a Friday night movie. We are thrilled to be part of the SCIS-Pudong community and anticipate a great year of teaching and learning.
  • Barry Johnson
    University of Missouri
    Campus Technology Coordinator
    Pudong Campus
    Greetings! My name is Barry Johnson, and I am excited to be part of the SCIS Pudong Upper School campus. Before moving to Shanghai, I spent 5 years teaching in the lush tropics of Sumatra, Indonesia where I taught music, mathematics to grades three and five, and technology, in addition to coaching teachers on effective integration of technology into their curriculum. I appreciate the personal and professional challenges that come with living and working abroad, and find the experience rewarding. Our family loves to explore new places and is thrilled at the opportunities that lie ahead in Shanghai and other areas of China. In a country teeming with history and culture, our camera and blog are sure to be busy! My free time consists of a variety of interests such as: reading, golfing, biking, running, and playing Ultimate Frisbee. I’m looking forward to an exiting year at SCIS and seeing what creative and innovative ideas our middle and high school students come up with!
  • Meredith Jones
    Florida State University
    Grade Three
    Hongqiao Lower School
    Hello! My name is Meredith Jones. This is my fourth year at SCIS and I am thrilled to be teaching grade five! I’m not truly from any one place. My family moved fourteen times all over the southern United States. We ended up in beautiful Northwest Florida where I finished high school and attended college. I studied Elementary Education at Florida State University and spent four years teaching fifth grade on the gulf coast before moving to Shanghai. I have certifications in Elementary Education, Reading, English Speakers of Other Languages, and Gifted Education. When I am not working I love reading, kayaking, and spending time with my friends and family.
  • Nina Keller
    University of Southern California
    Grade Two
    Hongqiao Lower School
    I am pleased to return to SCIS as a member of the 2nd grade team. I received a Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education at the University of Southern California, as well as Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish language and literature and Political science at Portland State University in Oregon. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner, and I always look for experiences for personal and professional growth. I am committed to facilitating an inclusive classroom community of learners. I enjoy yoga, rock climbing, hiking, foreign languages, vegetarian food, and reading fiction novels. My family lives in Missouri and California, and I love visiting them during holidays. I appreciate the richness and diversity of Shanghai and the SCIS community, and it is a privilege to practice teaching here!
  • Maja Kelly
    University of Belgrade
    Pudong Upper School
    Hello, 您好, Bonjour, Привет and Dobar dan! My name is Maja Kelly and I am delighted to be a part of the SCIS community. As the Upper School Counselor, I am excited to be working with young people during a very important time in their lives, helping them discover their passion, pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia and for six wonderful years I worked as the Counselor, Learning Support Specialist, IB DP Psychology and Theory of Knowledge teacher at the International School of Belgrade. Both my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees are in Psychology and I hold counseling and psychotherapy licenses from the European Association for Counseling and the European Association for Psychotherapy. My husband Bart and I are thrilled to be a part of this vibrant, cosmopolitan city, learn more about Chinese culture and explore this fascinating part of the world. I love learning new languages and have a passion for history, ethics, philosophy, literature, photography, old movies and jazz. My biggest passion, however, is my work, and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do what I love in this warm, diverse and internationally-minded community.
  • Bart Kelly
    George Mason University
    Grade Four
    Pudong Lower School
    I am thrilled to be a part of the SCIS community as an Upper Elementary teacher. I am originally from the land of the eternal rain, the mighty Pacific Northwest, just across the water from Seattle in the USA. I have two M.Ed.; one in International Education and one in Multicultural Education, which I have put to good use since starting my educational career in 1999, teaching in Poland, Montenegro and Serbia. I have taught different age groups; 6 year olds to University, however Upper Elementary is my favorite age group. I enjoy helping the children learn how to become independent thinkers, pursue their curiosity and how to challenge themselves to excel. I enjoy a good round of golf, sailing on the open seas, and playing volleyball. I have coached volleyball at both the Middle School and High School levels and find both extremely enjoyable. My wife Maja and I are excited about being in Shanghai and China and learning more about this fabulous place each day.
  • Melissa Kirwin
    Western Michigan University
    Grade Five
    This is my third year teaching Grade 5 at SCIS. I moved to Shanghai from Michigan in the United States where I taught for 16 years in the public school system. My husband, our 10 year old son, and I gave up our wonderful lives to have an adventure! I also coach D1 Girl’s Volleyball and Middle School Volleyball and Basketball. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing sports, and learning new things about the world. I am excited for another year as a Red Dragon!