• Martin Mavec
    Buffalo State University
    Pudong Upper School
    I’m excited to be working at SCIS for my fourth year! I have been teaching Middle School Science for seventeen years mostly in the international setting. Prior to SCIS, I taught in the Philippines for three years, in Thailand for three years, and in Mexico for three years. My first teacher experience was in Colorado, USA where I taught Science and Social Studies for four years. I have a passion for education and love to share my scientific knowledge with others. I like the hands-on, minds-on, scientific inquiry approach to learning where my students gain an appreciation of the importance of science for understanding the world around them as well as how it contributes to their lives. Besides being an educator, I have a passion for fitness and coaching and like to share my knowledge with my students. At SCIS, I coach middle school rugby and soccer and do the conditioning for numerous sports. Outside of school, I enjoy doing activities such as mountain biking, hiking, running, traveling, reading, and learning new languages. I’m looking forward to an another fun-filled time this year at SCIS!
  • Maria McCabe
    Grade Two
    Pudong Lower School
    Hello, my name is Maria McCabe and I am super excited to be teaching second grade for my second year here at SCIS Pudong. I am originally from Long Island, New York, and have been teaching internationally for twelve years in PYP schools in Italy, The Netherlands, and Connecticut in the United States. This is my second year here at SCIS and my first experience in Asia. One of the things I enjoy most about teaching is working with the natural curiosity and expressive nature of my students. In my professional career, I have been fortunate to have attended Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero for six years and am now training to be a coach for the Visible Thinking online course. The focus of Visible Thinking is to cultivate children’s thinking skills and dispositions by participating in Thinking Routines while also deepening conceptual understandings in their learning. Visible Thinking and the PYP are a perfect match! In my spare time, I enjoy taking long walks, visiting art galleries and museums, traveling, and exploring the delicious varieties of dumplings that are available everywhere here in Shanghai!
  • Melanie McClure
    James Madison University
    Hongqiao Early Child Education Campus
    Greetings ECE families, I am thrilled to continue leading the SCIS ECE team and appreciate its commitment to impacting students early in life. My work and travels throughout the US, Europe, and parts of the middle east have prepared me well for this far east adventure. I have been teaching and leading early childhood/elementary students for over 20 years, both in private and public schools. My formal schooling is with James Madison University where I received my Early Childhood degree and Virginia Tech where I received my Administrative degree. My commitment is to collaborate with parents and teachers to hone an incredible learning environment for our students. My professional focus of observing, connecting and interacting with students and teachers at all levels continually influences our school instructional decisions and goals. Through our new accreditation as an IB Primary Years Program (PYP) we are expanding our student's curiosity, interest and inquiry skills. In addition, we are strategic in developing students executive functions and conceptual understanding so they are better prepared for this exciting, challenging and dynamic world. Kevin, my husband, and I have four grown children that are living and working throughout the U.S. Therefore, the two of us are enjoying the rich cultural experience and adventures available throughout China and surrounding countries.
  • Malika Meidinger
    Georgia State University
    Pudong Lower School
    Hello! My name is Malika Meidinger, and I am thrilled to be teaching kindergarten at SCIS! I previously taught kindergarten and 1st grade in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I received both my bachelors and masters degrees from Georgia State University in traditional and special education with endorsements in K-5 math and science. I grew up outside of Chicago, Illinois, which helped inspire my love of big cities! Prior to teaching, I studied architecture at Georgia Tech, which has lent itself to a love of creativity and exploration in the classroom. I believe that every child is a life-long learner, and I am passionate about instilling a love for learning in every student! Outside of the classroom, I love traveling, being outdoors, reading, and comedy! I know we are going to have a fantastic year!
  • Lennox Meldrum
    Queensland University of Technology & University of Southern Queensland
    Vice Principal
    Hongqiao Upper School
    My international teaching journey began in Beijing in 2002 so coming to Shanghai to work at SCIS feels like coming home. After 9 years in Beijing as a science teacher, DP Coordinator, and Principal, I moved to The Hague to work for the IB as curriculum manager for DP Physics and MYP Sciences and Mathematics. Recently I was the founding Principal at a new IB World School in Malaysia. I am excited to be part of the SCIS community.
  • Daisy Mi
    Bo Hai University
    Mandarin Coordinator
    Pudong Upper School
    Ni Hao, everyone! I am Daisy Mi and I am a Mandarin teacher as well as coordinator at Pudong Upper School campus. I have been part of the SCIS family since 2007. Prior to that I taught in a local school and a Taiwanese school after graduating with my degree in education in 2005. I have the pleasure of leading the Mandarin program and I feel proud of promoting this beautiful language to students from every corner of the world. Teaching Mandarin also provides the perfect opportunity to share my passion with those around me. SCIS has already become part of my life as a big family, I feel honored to be working here and I am thrilled to be a member of such a wonderful community.
  • Karen Miller
    University of Washington
    Grade One
    Hongqiao Early Child Education Campus
    My name is Karen Miller and I joined SCIS as a Grade 1 teacher in 2015. I grew up in Seattle, Washington in the United States where I attended the University of Washington for my Bachelors of Liberal Arts degree. I then furthered my studies at Heritage University for my Masters in Teaching. Before coming to Shanghai I taught several years at the primary level in Seattle and Doha, Qatar. In my time outside of school I enjoy traveling, hiking, reading, and spending time with friends and family. I am excited to begin a new adventure in China and be a part of the SCIS community!
  • Lindsey Morton
    Simon Fraser University
    Hongqiao Early Child Education Campus
    My name is Lindsey Morton and I will be teaching preschool this year at SCIS. I grew up on the west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island. I love going back every summer to visit friends, family and go fishing and camping. Since leaving British Columbia I’ve had the good fortune to become an international teacher. In the past 6 years I’ve taught in international schools in Vietnam and Egypt. This is my second year teaching preschool at SCIS. My time as an international teacher has been a very formative part of my life. I’ve discovered that teaching not only involves instilling knowledge into young minds, but also being a caring and understanding person that a child can look to for support. I’ve also learned that teaching is about giving children a chance to discover the world on their own. I enjoy my role encouraging the inquiry of young minds and watching where their curiosity takes them. I have a Bachelor of Education from Simon Fraser University.
  • Aleksa Moss
    Governors State University
    Pudong Lower School
    Hello! My name is Aleksa Moss. I am coming to SCIS from previous teaching experiences in Sumatra, Indonesia, Macau SAR China, Michigan and Illinois. I teach Pre-K at SCIS Pudong campus. I hold a K-5 teaching credential from the State of Michigan and a K-8 credential from the Province of Ontario, with an additional Early Childhood Specialist credential in the State of Illinois. I have completed a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on digital learning and technology design. Currently, I am also working towards a Doctorate Degree in International Educational Leadership. This will be my 12th year of teaching, and I love working with young children. Their enthusiasm and joy in new experiences is contagious. My husband Mat and I are avid travelers, adventurers, and love of Lebanese food. I like to spend my time exploring caves, reading, and being outdoors. I'm excited for new classes and new learning opportunities at SCIS!
  • Larisa Mount
    University of Mary Washington, North Carolina State University
    Pudong Lower School
    I’m excited to be teaching kindergarten at SCIS. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Sociology from the University of Mary Washington and a Master of Arts in Teaching from North Carolina State University. Previously, I have taught kindergarten in Raleigh, North Carolina, and kindergarten and first grade in Al-Wakra, Qatar. I love teaching kindergarten because students are making such great discoveries about themselves as learners – and there’s so much to explore! I have a great passion for early mathematics and have given several presentations on early math topics at teacher conferences and workshops. I’m excited about the adventures that await in Shanghai! Outside of the classroom, my hobbies include voracious reading, exercising indoors and out, and most importantly: seeing as many Broadway musicals as possible.
  • Molly Myers
    New York University
    Grade One
    Pudong Lower School
    Since 2012, I have been happy to spend my days teaching amazing first graders here at SCIS. Prior to coming to China, I taught children with autism for 7 years and served as a curriculum developer for 2 years in New York City. I received my second Masters degree in Educational Leadership, Politics and Advocacy- School Building Administration from New York University and continue my passion for life-long learning. I am currently working on my doctoral degree in Instructional Leadership at NOVA Southeastern University, with a focus on teacher reflective practices using video. When I am not reading research or writing my dissertation, I love exploring Chinese markets, cooking, and visiting art galleries.
  • Garret Newell
    University of California
    Pudong Upper School
    Hello! My name is Garret Newell and I hail from the beautiful state of California. Before moving to Shanghai in the summer of 2008, I taught in California's public schools for three years. Through my tenures there and now here at SCIS, I've been able to teach just about every high school math class one could imagine from basic Algebra and Geometry to AP Calculus and now of course Higher Level Mathematics in the IB. I love teaching mathematics because I enjoy presenting concepts to my students that explain the natural world around us. Everyday presents a new challenge and to me, thats what its all about! When I'm not teaching or coaching soccer I typically spend my time playing soccer myself, playing a little guitar or enjoying the outdoors. I'm happy with the opportunities my time here in Shanghai has afforded me and I'm excited to see what adventure comes next!
  • Brendan Newman
    Queen's University, Universtiy of Waterloo
    Physical Education
    Hongqiao Lower School
    Hi everyone, my name is Brendan Newman and I am delighted to be your Lower School PE Teacher this year. This is now my 7th year at SCIS, and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful community in Shanghai. I grew up and completed my education in Ontario, Canada, at both the University of Waterloo and Queen's University. Previously, I have worked and lived in Macau, Honduras, South Korea and Australia. The students that I teach at SCIS will agree that I am passionate about sports, but more specifically hockey, baseball, rugby, and American football. Teaching is the perfect job for me, as each day I enjoy learning, overcoming challenges, and laughing alongside my students.
  • Julie Nicol
    The College of William and Mary & University of Colorado Denver
    Hongqiao Early Child Education Campus
    I was born and raised in beautiful Richmond, Virginia. After receiving my B.A. from The College of William and Mary, I moved to Seoul, South Korea to help establish new locations of a U.S.-based early childhood enrichment program. I spent 2 years there, and fell in love with international teaching. I then moved to Boulder, Colorado to teach preschool and prekindergarten while completing my Masters of Human Development and Education from the University of Colorado, Denver. I am so excited to continue my journey at SCIS and in Shanghai for a second year!
  • Kristen O'Connor
    University of Virginia
    Individuals & Societies, Psychology, and Theory of Knowledge
    Hongqiao Upper School
    I am originally from Northern Virginia, outside of Washington DC and am lucky to be a part of the SCIS community. I am thrilled to work with and learn from a diverse group of students here at SCIS. I also feel fortunate to collaborate with a passionate faculty. In addition to teaching, I love sports look forward to coaching volleyball this year. Outside of school I’m an avid hiker and enjoy kayaking and outdoor adventures. Go Dragons!
  • Dave O'Reilly
    Northeastern University
    Film & Economics
    Pudong Upper School
    Originally from Dublin, Ireland, I've worked at SCIS since 2012 and moving to Shanghai was a little bit like returning home for me. I spent most of my childhood growing up in different parts of Asia, from Bahrain to Malaysia to China, attending international schools just like SCIS. I eventually ended up in the United States for university, where I spent five years in Boston, MA. I’m a big sports fan, especially of soccer and basketball, both of which I enjoy playing and coaching. I also love traveling and listening to all sorts of music. I am fortunate enough to have one of the more unique teaching combinations at SCIS: IB Film and IB Economics. They are both extremely exciting and rewarding courses. Whether or not you are lucky enough to take Film and/or Economics, I look forward to meeting and working with you all.
  • Ross Orchard
    University of Wales
    Campus Technology Coordinator
    Hongqiao Middle School
    Hi there, I am the Technology Coordinator for our Hongqiao Main and Hongqiao ECE campuses and the head of our Upper School Design department. I am from Wales in the UK where I grew up in a small town called Cwmbran. I have a degree in Design and Technology from the University of Wales, where I specialized in Graphic Design, Systems & control and Resistant Materials. I have previously taught Graphic Design at schools in South Wales, Worcester and Shanghai. I have lived in the city for seven years with my wife Juliet, who teaches Upper School French and Spanish. We have a 2 year old son, Arthur who is loving the Nursery class at our ECE campus. We love Shanghai and consider it to be very much our home. We are really excited to be going in to our seventh year teaching in what I consider as the city’s best International school. I am a huge Rugby Union enthusiast and an experienced IRB certified coach and referee. This year I am really looking forward to seeing the SCIS Dragons take on many victories on the field and promoting the excellent sportsmanship that we have at our school. In our free time my family and I love traveling, hiking, keeping fit and socializing with the amazing SCIS community.
    University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
    French & Spanish
    Hongqiao Middle School
    My name is Juliet Orchard, and I am very excited to be back for my sixth year at SCIS teaching MYP French and Spanish in the Upper School. I started my career as a languages teacher in the UK, and the move to China to work in an international community has been an incredible experience. My husband is Ross Orchard, the Technology Coordinator at the Hongqiao campus and we have a beautiful son called Arthur. I love to workout, cook and read.
  • Michelle Ostiguy
    University of Ottawa & Queen’s University
    Grade Five
    Hongqiao Lower School
    This is my second year at SCIS as part of the fabulous Grade 2 team. I began teaching abroad upon graduation from teacher’s college, working at international schools in Colombia and Singapore. I returned to Canada to complete my Master of Education at Queen’s University and to teach in my home city of Ottawa, Canada. After several years, my passion for adventure, travel, and being part of community of dedicated global educators pulled me back to international teaching, taking me to Beijing, The Hague, and most recently to Kuala Lumpur. I am thrilled to be back in China. I love to travel, hike, cycle, swim and anything else that keeps me active and outdoors. I also enjoy creative pursuits and have been known to sing a little too loudly. I believe in helping others and doing my best to live by the Learner Profile attributes.
  • Mathias O’Brien
    Winona State University/University of Minnesota
    Athletics Coordinator
    Hongqiao Campus
    I was born and raised in Winona Minnesota, which is nestled along side of the Mississippi River about 100 miles south of Minneapolis. I attended Cotter High School, which is also where I started my teaching career in 2002 after graduating from Winona State University. Athletics have always been important to me. I competed in football, basketball and baseball in high school and went on to play baseball and football in college. My enjoyment of physical activities helped guide may path into teaching Physical / Health Education and also coaching. My passion for youth sports led me to pursue a graduate degree with a focus on youth sports, which I completed from the University of Minnesota in January of 2014. My main goal as a Physical / Health Educator is to help guide students to take ownership for their own health and well-being (physical, mental, emotional). It’s very rewarding as a teacher when I see this happen. Another goal of mine is that students would be devoted to a lifetime of physical activity. This year I will be serving as the Athletics Coordinator and Upper School Physical / Health teacher. When I am not at school working with students I enjoy working out, playing golf, spending time with my family, reading and listening to podcasts. I am excited to continue teaching, coaching, learning and growing here at SCIS. I am here with my wife, Kristie O’Brien, and two children Alana (9th grade) and Moses (2nd grade). We have enjoyed learning and exploring Shanghai together and we look forward to a great school year!