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At the start of each new semester, prior to the first day of school, all SCIS campuses will hold a New Family Orientation event for our newly enrolled families. This event provides families the opportunity to meet campus administration, teachers, and other SCIS families, while also providing the opportunity for families to complete orientation tasks that ensure students are prepared for the first day of school.


Our 2021-2022, Semester Two New Family Orientation is tentatively scheduled to be held at all campuses on Monday, January 17*.

*Please note that the scheduling of our New Family Orientation may be impacted by regulations set out by local education authorities. If we are unable to welcome families to campus for an in-person orientation, we will be offering alternate virtual or off-campus orientation sessions prior to the first day of school.



SCIS provides door-to-door transportation services as part of the school program and at no additional fee.

If you have not filled out an application for transportation service, please fill out the online application by clicking here to create your account. The deadline to apply for the transportation service is December 1. Applications submitted after this date may be subject to a delay in service.

The transportation office will send detailed bus route information (i.e. pick-up/drop-off time & location) for your child before the first day of school. Transportation service information can be reconfirmed during the New Family Orientation event.

NOTE: Due to strict regulations imposed by the Shanghai Transportation Commission, schools in Shanghai will need up to three months to apply for a new permit in order to add a new bus, bus route, and/or bus stop to their existing service plan. Families who submit the transportation application after the posted deadline of July 15 (semester one) or December 1 (semester two) may be subject to a significant delay in transportation service while awaiting the next permit application window.

Please be mindful that it is the parent’s responsibility to contact our transportation office for services and/or changes to bus routes. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding transportation services, please contact the transportation representative at each campus listed below:

Campus Name Email Tel
Hongqiao Early Childhood Campus Angela Hu hq-ece-transportation@scis-china.org 86-21-6295-1222*7003
Hongqiao Main Campus Elaine Huang hq-transportation@scis-china.org 86-21-6261-4338*5151
Pudong Campus Stu Ren pd-transportation@scis-china.org 86-21-5812-9888*6002

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The SCIS Academic Calendar for the 2022-23 School Year was adjusted in December 2022. To view these adjustments, please review the updated school calendar here.


The first day of school for the second semester of the 2022-2023 school year is currently scheduled for Monday, January 17.

This is the first day that SCIS school buses will be picking up and dropping off students. Please ensure that your child is at their designated pick-up location prior to the pick-up time provided to you by our transportation representatives. Our bus drivers are unable to wait for students that arrive late to their pick-up location.

If you are choosing to drop your child off on campus yourself, please plan to arrive at campus 15 minutes prior to the start of classes. Upper School students traveling to campus alone should also arrive at the campus at least 15 minutes prior to the start of classes.

  • Hongqiao ECE Campus classes start at 8:30 am and finish at 3:00 pm for full-day students. Half-day students in Nursery or Preschool finish at 12:00 pm.
  • Hongqiao Main Campus classes start at 8:00 am and finish at 3:00 pm for full-day students.
  • Pudong Campus classes start at 8:00 am and finish at 3:00 pm for full-day students. Half-day students in Nursery or Preschool finish at 11:30 am.

Staggered Start for Nursery & Preschool Students
To ensure a smooth and comfortable transition to their new classrooms, students in Nursery & Preschool will follow a staggered start for the beginning of the school year. This means that your child will not attend every day of school at the beginning of the school year. Your Principal will follow up with a detailed schedule for the beginning of the school year in the communication sent in early-January.

NOTE: at the Pudong Campus, the staggered start will include Pre-Kindergarten students as well.


SCIS provides all textbooks and most school supplies as part of the school program and at no additional fee.

Below are items required from home and should be prepared for the first day of school:

REMINDER: the school uniform is required for the first day of school and every day thereafter. Please remember to label all materials with your child’s name.


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SCIS provides one ‘start-up’ set of the school uniform as part of the school program and at no additional fee.

Prior to the start of the second semester, we will announce the approved process for picking-up your child’s uniform.

Campus Name Email Tel
Hongqiao Early Childhood Campus Dora Zhou dzhou@scis-china.org 86-21-6295-1222*7009
Hongqiao Main Campus Jenny Zhou jenny_zhou@scis-china.org 86-21-6261-4338*3136
Pudong Campus Stephanie Ge sge@scis-china.org 86-21-5812-9888*6268

School Uniform Tip:

While the SCIS branded top is required, many students and families prefer to purchase their own bottoms in the size/cut and brand of their choice. Students are allowed to wear non-SCIS bottoms as long as they match the required school uniform color, style, and design. 

The School Uniform Shop is open weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. For additional school uniform purchasing information, please contact the campus representatives below.

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At SCIS, we believe that our collective intelligence increases through diversity. We are intentional about ensuring that each of our homeroom groups is a representation of SCIS’s international community. Therefore, we consider nationality, mother-tongue, English language proficiency, academic status, age and gender in the formation of homeroom groups. To ensure diverse groupings, SCIS is not able to honor parent requests for a particular teacher or homeroom placement.

NOTE: Please refrain from contacting the Admissions Department with regard to student placement requests and class schedules as this information is handled by the divisional administration and will not be available until the dates posted above.


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The Admissions & Technology Office will provide student ID cards for all new Upper School Students (Grades 6-12). If you submitted a passport photo during the application process, the Admissions Office will scan that photo and make a student ID card. If you have not submitted a passport photo, you can send your child’s photograph via email to our school technology department prior to your child’s start date.

NOTE: When e-mailing the technology department, please include your child’s/children’s Full Name(s)Student ID number(s) (as found in within your acceptance letter), and (a) passport-sized photograph(s).

Campus Name Email Tel
Hongqiao Campuses Harry Huang hq-technology@scis-china.org 86-21-6261-4338*3333
Pudong Campus Rambo Qian pd-technology@scis-china.org 86-21-5812-9888*6789


Parents / Guardians, who wish to apply for an ID card, please kindly click the following link. This link will allow you to not only create an ID for yourself, but also for your Driver and Ayi. Once you have submitted the ID request form, you will be able to pick up your IDs from the IT Office (Hongqiao Campuses) or Reception Desk (Pudong Campus) on your child’s first day of school.

NOTE: Parent / Guardian ID Cards are required for all adults to gain entrance to the SCIS campus. Without your ID Card, you will need to sign-in with the school guards.

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SCIS is fortunate to have a parent organization called the Parents and Friends Association (PAFA). Founded in 1996, PAFA coordinates parent involvement with the school and is a source of strength and support, knowledge, experience and a place where many of our families find lifelong friends.

New parents should expect an introductory email from PAFA prior to the start of school and PAFA members will be on hand to greet new families during New Family Orientation.

If you would like to join the PAFA committee on your campus, help out with our many events or are simply curious to find out more information, please follow this link:



SCIS provides daily restaurant-style, school buffet lunch as part of the school program and at no additional fee.

Each campus has their own cafeteria, kitchen, head chef, and full supporting staff operated by Kaijun F&B Management, a company with a long-term track record of success in the food and beverage industry in Shanghai and at SCIS.

The SCIS cafeteria offers an international and nutritious lunch menu, with an array of daily options to fit all palates. Upon request, accommodations can be made to support a range of special dietary needs. Additionally, food storage and reheating services are offered and readily available for students who wish to bring their own food from home.

For food service inquiries, please contact:
Hongqiao Campuses: hq-cafeteria@scis-china.org
Pudong Campus: pd-cafeteria@scis-china.org




SCIS uses a variety of tools to facilitate communication between Parents, Teachers, and School Administrators, which can be accessed through your SCIS School ID. This ID will be your gateway to several important SCIS web-based information systems including your SCIS-Parent Email account, ManageBac, and School Forms Online.

The SCIS Parent Email Account is one of the primary communication tools between the school administration and your family. As such, we highly encourage all parents to register an account and check it regularly so that you are not missing any important communication regarding your child’s education or SCIS community announcements.

Prior to the start of the new semester, we will work directly with all new parents to create their SCIS School ID and SCIS-Parent Email account. Please look for more communication and detailed instructions coming in early-January.


SCIS uses a variety of tools to facilitate communication between Parents, Teachers, and School Administrators

  • ManageBac is the leading online learning platform for IB world schools. ManageBac facilitates communication of school curriculum planning, assessment, and reporting. Parents access ManageBac using the same login information that accesses their SCIS Parent Email account.        
  • *Please note that ManageBac accounts will not be accessible to new parents until the first day of school.
  • Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio application that empowers teachers and students to document what they are learning throughout their entire career at SCIS.
  • Seesaw is utilized by students enrolled in Nursery – Grade 5
  • We encourage all parents to download the Seesaw Parent and Family app to their personal devices prior to New Family Orientation. Once your student has been placed with their teacher, you will be provided with a QR code that you will scan within the Seesaw app to connect you with your child’s classroom profile.
  • Refer to this Seesaw Introduction for more information. 

Download Seesaw using the following links:

iTunes App Store

Google Play Store

NOTE: Should you encounter difficulties downloading the Seesaw application on your mobile device, please contact our Technology Team.

  • WeChat is the primary messaging and social media application in China. You can connect with friends, join topical group chats, follow official accounts, and conduct day-to-day business through this platform. Follow the official SCIS WeChat account to stay up-to-date with all the amazing things happening throughout our community. You will also be able to join various SCIS parent and community WeChat groups coordinated by our amazing Parents and Friends Association (PAFA).

Download WeChat using the following links:

iTunes App Store

Google Play Store

Note: WeChat is not a recognized communication tool between parents and SCIS staff. Please only use email to communicate with the school staff in order to document these conversations.

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