All parents and guardians of SCIS and HIS students are automatically members of the PAFA organization for their respective campuses. All faculty and staff members, administration, and support staff are also automatically members of PAFA. Partners of the school, alumni, or direct affiliates with the school’s programs may also request membership to PAFA.



Together as parents, students, staff, faculty and friends, we will build a solid foundation that unites our diversity and fosters a positive, cohesive community.



To provide support and resources to the school community through the coordination of activities and projects outside of the regular school provided curriculum.



  • Encourage parent and community involvement.
  • To help coordinate programs outside of the provided curriculum in which volunteer parents and friends provide assistance to the teachers and students and the school.
  • Encourage participation by all without discrimination.
  • To work collaboratively with school leadership (including administrators, teachers, and staff) to foster a positive and productive school culture.
  • To effectively communicate decisions and events with all PAFA members.
  • To raise funds to support various efforts that build our community.


We need your help to make all activities work with the assistance and enthusiasm of everyone in our small community. So please sign up to help out at our various activities during our first PAFA meeting which will be held after the school starts in August.