Knowledge and Teamwork on Display at PYP Exhibition

SCIS Grade 5 students at both the Hongqiao and Pudong campuses recently presented their collaborative projects on real world issues.

The Grade 5 PYP Exhibition is the concluding project of the PYP before students begin Grade 6 and the MYP. The project represents a culmination of the IB learner profile and the units of inquiry students delved into throughout the school year.

The students worked in groups to thoroughly study a social issue such as poverty, human rights, racism, sexism, war, and animal welfare. In addition to understanding the issue, students were tasked with coming up with possible solutions to the problem. It was evident how much every Grade 5 student learned during this project and throughout the school year as students engaged in lively discussions with their fellow classmates, teachers, and parents. Congratulations to all Grade 5 students who worked diligently for the past several weeks preparing for the exhibition.

(Source: Shanghai Daily, Knowledge and Teamwork on Display at the PYP Exhibition | May 31, 2017, Wednesday | )