Shanghai's Education Ecosystem

Original Link: Shanghai's Education Ecosystem (Source: Shanghai Business Review | March/April, 2017)

"We are all about community," says Daniel D. Eschtruth, Director of Schools at Shanghai International Community School (SCIS). "Expats of all nations and local families form communities on campus. Strong bonds develop between parents, teachers and students of all ages. We plan events to support the growth of our community and strengthen the bond that keeps everyone together. Though students may feel far from home, there is a sense we are all in this together. It is an unforgettable experience to have classmates from distant countries and feel they are neighbors. Friendships open everyone to a newfound international spirit. It's a natural occurrence in all the international schools experiencing high levels of academic achievement and global consciousness."

Photo Caption: "SCIS Hongqiao 2016 graduation class send caps airborne at end of the ceremony."

Original Link: Shanghai's Education Ecosystem (Source: Shanghai Business Review | March/April, 2017)