World Peace Day marked with parade, food fair

SEPTEMBER 21 is the United Nations International Day of Peace. This year the theme is “The sustainable development goals: building blocks for peace.”

Although UNIDOP has been observed for years at the Lower School of Shanghai Community International School, this year’s celebration expanded to include Early Childhood and Upper School as it was time to strengthen the ties that bind all three divisions under one roof.

UNIDOP traditions include a spectacular Parade of Nations and an international food fair organized by PAFA. This year was no different. Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and fun activities that accompany such a diverse school community. For the first time, the Lower School and Upper School celebrated the UNIDOP together.

Students of different nationalities looked happy and excited as they gathered on September 30 for celebration.

The “green dragons” from Nursery to High School were all smiles when they walked into school wearing costumes and colors representing their countries. Everyone, including teachers, parents and faculty staff showed respect to national traditions of more than 40 countries represented by SCIS-Pudong students.

Head of school, Derek Luebbe, kicked off celebration with amusing remarks. After that, toddlers and preschoolers staged a mini Parade of Nations.

The youngest “dragons” waved and wobbled with national pride to the cheers of the audience. Then came a formation of students representing China, the host country.

The Parade of Nations is an occasion to stimulate national pride. No matter what age or grade level, students bonded as they followed their flag bearer who greeted the audience by saying “hello” in their native language. Following the parade, all students watched a video about the UN sustainable development goals and listened to short presentations by Wouter Vlass and Abby Merritt, members of the Model United Nations Club, who explained the SCIS traditions and the origin of UNIDOP.

They said the purpose of the United Nations is to come together to solve problems the world is facing. The school can also learn from this. The assembly ended with a song about peace performed by third to fifth graders and led by their music teacher Rebecca Macoskey.

After the assembly, students joined their parents for the International Food Fair extravaganza organized by PAFA President Trish Castillo and many PAFA parents.

The cafeteria was converted into a colorful display of signature dishes and sweet treats from around the world. The students delighted at the sumptuous spread of food on offer and sampled dishes and snacks from 33 countries.

As everyone ate and laughed together, it was clear that what makes SCIS-Pudong community distinct is the harmony of different cultures and friendship among students and parents of different nationalities. SCIS-Pudong is a fine example of international peace.


Original Link: World Peace Day marked with parade, food fair (Source: Shanghai Daily | October 25, 2016, Tuesday)