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Thinking global, acting local.

SCIS students are taught how global issues manifest themselves in the local community. With community awareness being a core area of the curriculum, we help students develop into responsible global citizens and confident contributors to the world around them.

Service-learning is an approach that combines curricular knowledge, community need, and genuine interest. Students have opportunities to make connections between the curriculum and communities beyond the classroom by analyzing real-life situations. Students are guided in their service experiences and learning by their teachers, advisors, and the Service as Action/CAS coordinator


Service as Action (SAA & SL) is a requirement of the IB Middle Years Programme. SCIS is committed to embedding service into the curriculum; also known as service-learning. This approach combines curricular knowledge, community need, and genuine interest. Students make connections between the unit content and concepts to address authentic needs in the immediate community and beyond.

School-based opportunities are an additional avenue for achieving SAA outcomes. The strong pastoral program at SCIS allows for service-oriented clubs to thrive. Learner-led clubs during advisory strengthen leadership skills and further encourage a sense of community. Throughout the year, students will have unique chances to engage in service experiences.


Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) is a key part of the Diploma Program’s core (Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, CAS). The purpose of CAS is to act as an outlet for students to showcase their creative pursuits, develop active/healthy lifestyles, and contribute positively to their communities.

Over 18 months, students embark on a journey of personal growth where they complete a series of experiences across all three strands (creativity, activity, service) to achieve 7 different learning outcomes. Communication with advisors along with logging reflections and evidence ensures that a portfolio is complete as students exit the program.


Throughout the year, students will have unique opportunities to be involved in many different community service projects.

The process of service learning shows us the importance of helping one another as a community and that as individuals we can do a lot for our society, even through little actions which in the end will make a big change. We can learn a lot of important skills g like risk-taking, communication, and balance, to teamwork, factual information, and everything in between. Especially during this coronavirus pandemic, we need everyone to come together as a community, even when we are far away from each other.

- Ines Ng – Triquet, Upper School Student at SCIS Hongqiao



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